My Story

By Paul Blackman I was playing tennis and suddenly felt acute pain in my chest. This led to a two-hour delay finally getting to a hospital where I can be treated. The doctor who examines me tells me that I have had a major heart attack and that if I made it through the night

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The Brain’s Letterbox

Humans have likely been speaking since the dawn of the species a quarter million years ago. Over evolutionary time, the human brain has been molded for language, as regions such as Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas have become specialized for speech production and perception. These aren’t new brain structures or unique to humans, but their exact functions in our hominid ancestors and primate cousins are still unclear.

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Educational Neuroscience – Finding your personal learning sweet spot

We are born with a natural thirst for knowledge. Biologically, the highest concentration of happy hormones (endorphins) in our body is found in the learning centers of our brain. This means we are hardwired to learn. It also means learning brings us great joy.

Just imagine what you would rather do – engage in a stimulating activity like reading or drawing or staring at a blank wall? The answer is fairly simple..

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