My Story

By Paul Blackman

I was playing tennis and suddenly felt acute pain in my chest. This led to a two-hour delay finally getting to a hospital where I can be treated. The doctor who examines me tells me that I have had a major heart attack and that if I made it through the night I might survive. 

I am very worried to say the least but not willing to give in and I decided to spend the time visualising my heat repairing itself. A very kind Scottish nurse comes to my aid sitting beside me and stoking my forehead with a damp cloth she kept saying “You will be alright my bonny boy ……….”

 She was due to go off duty at midnight, but she stayed with me all night bless her. My Scottish angel helped to save my life. 

The amazing thing was that in the morning the doctor checked me and my enzyme levels had returned to normal. The way the severity of a heart attack is measured is by the amount of cardiac enzymes (cardiac biomarkers) when there’s heart damage due to low oxygen. Troponin and creatinine phosphokinase (CPK) levels rise after a heart attack. I said nothing but felt immensely relieved. My only regret was not being able to thank my angel and this day I have no idea who she was.

How this relates to literacy is that I am clear that unless a student who is struggling is given the tools to change their mindset helping them to make progress will be fraught and difficult. 

It’s what Bob Proctor calls a paradigm shift and several years ago I completed a course with him where I learned to change my beliefs by writing down my ideal situation. “I wrote I am now so happy and grateful I am married to my ideal partner she is kind and gentle good looking and financially secure. I also wrote that I would be living in my ideal home overlooking the sea and doing a job I love”. All this has happened beyond my expectations.

Now I am working to make this happen by applying these same principles to my business WordSmart where we always start with the student writing their goals down. 

The results come quickly enhanced by enhanced by helping the students to discover and follow their passions. The results have been outstanding. The testimonial below sums this up very well.

Hi Paul, today was amazing. I felt you made a huge break through with Cadence. I must thank you so much. I think the mind work with Cadence is sooooo important. And I love the way you do it. It’s very realistic and not airy fairy woo woo stuff. She can relate to you and the way you put things. I quite often talk to her about mindfulness and manifesting etc. Yay for you have become very special to us I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in our lives.

Cadence is 19 years old and had a reading age of 6.5 she is now reading texts well above her reading age at approximately a 12-13 reading level.”

– Sandy (mother of Candence).

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