Learn to Read App using the magic of interactive storytelling and gameplay. 

Confident readers are better learners that live up to their Full Potential!

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  • Phonological awareness, letter recognition, sight words, letter sound matching & tracing.
  • Long and short vowels, CVC words, rhyming couplets.
  • Evidence based essential literacy tasks using sound, sight, and touch.

Game Play

  • Learn with Tama and Tracey and go on a quest to find six golden keys that unlock 29 magical worlds.
  •  Earn rewards and dress avatars.
  • Interactive story telling and fun games designed the way our brains naturally learn.


  • Activities to prime the brain and promote healthy core beliefs. 
  • Supports emotional regulation and psychological well-being.
  • Based on research from Neuroscience & Positive Psychology.

App & Web

  • Easy navigation, progress feedback, rich graphics. No in-App purchases or Ads.
  • Personalised learning journey,  classroom and teacher functionality. 
  • Available on Apple app store, Google Play store & WordSmart Web.

Download WordSmart Kids for Home or School

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WordSmart for Parents and distant learning.

WordSmart Kids triggers your child’s learning sweet spot. Our tasks stimulate the child’s analytical as well as their creative side. Children create a meaningful connection while learning content.

WordSmart for Teachers and interventions.

Our app is not only for beginner readers. It can also be used as an intervention tool for all children with learning differences such as Dyslexia. Active trials in a number of schools since the start of 2020 have seen successful results. 

WordSmart Brochure.

Handy one page PDF to download.


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