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Happy learners at Delainamasi School, Fiji. 

WordSmart for Parents and distant learning.

WordSmart Kids triggers your child’s learning sweet spot. Our tasks stimulate the child’s analytical as well as their creative side. Children create a meaningful connection while learning content. 

WordSmart for Teachers and interventions.

Our app is not only for beginner readers. It can also be used as an intervention tool for all children with learning differences such as Dyslexia. Active trials in a number of schools since the start of 2020 have seen successful results. 


teacher review

Review from a Year 1Teacher, Coromandel, NZ.


WordSmart is making News.

Year One Students Develop Skills Through TEL Project
Year One Students Develop Skills Through TEL Project

“Early reading skills tend to come more easily to bilingual children. They score higher on average on tests involving creative thinking or problem-solving and develop more flexible approaches to thinking through problems."   Year One students from Delainamasi...

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WordSmart Delivers in Fiji
WordSmart Delivers in Fiji

  The Informer recently featured a story “Did I Read That Right?” 5 July 2022) onWordSmart, a local initiative designed to help dyslexic and other children with learningdifficulties, achieve better results in English literacy. To recap, WordSmart.app is a hybrid...

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New technology to address growing literacy gap in schools
New technology to address growing literacy gap in schools

A new piece of software for schools aims to address a growing literacy gap by identifying students – particularly in low socio-economic areas – who may have dyslexia. New Zealand literacy company WordSmart – alongside Sweden company Lexplore – have created a literacy...

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