How can ChatGPT help improve kids’ literacy?

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Taking WordSmart to the world

As a teacher you are more likely to remember the kids that create ways to avoid doing work by acting out or becoming the class clown and of course you remember the ones that  shine. That’s how it was for Paul Blackman former primary  school teacher, Guidance Counsellor and Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

WordSmart Fiji

WordSmart Delivers in Fiji

The Informer recently featured a story “Did I Read That Right?” 5 July 2022) on WordSmart, a local initiative designed to help dyslexic and other children with learning difficulties, achieve better results in English literacy. To recap, WordSmart.app is a hybrid reading programme aimed at beginner readers. The app provides the basis for students to

stuff wordsmart

Lean to read through gamified storytelling

All parents understand the importance of their children learning to read. Becoming a confident reader from a young age is critical to your child’s ability to be able to follow their passions and dreams. However, due to the impacts of COVID-19 on schooling and education, many parents are faced with the need to move to

A Ground-breaking Approach to Reading

We live in a precarious time, which has accelerated the use of online learning tools.
What if we could take advantage of technology for the greater good and empower all children to become successful, life-long learners with a passion for reading including those that normally fall through the gaps due to learning differences, such as dyslexia?

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