The Magic of interactive storytelling and gameplay.
Used by children and schools worldwide.

“Give your child the gift of literacy to open doors to knowledge, opportunity and allowing your child to create their own stories”

Structured Literacy

Master the core foundations of a successful reading journey using
sound, sight, and touch.

Game Play

Learn to read with Tama & Tracey. The fun stories and gamified activites mimic the way our brains naturally learn.


Mindfulness and mindset activities to prime the brain to support
emotional regulation and a healthy mindset.


A personalised learning journey that adapts with the learner. The journey can be started at home and continued in school.

“The kids like it, they like the feeling they get from it, a sense of achievement. Gives the kids confidence to learn.”

Shelly Stevenson – Coroglen School, New Zealand.

Fiji School
WordSmart for Parents and Distant Learning

WordSmart Kids triggers your child’s learning sweet spot. Our tasks stimulate their analytical as well as their creative side. Children create a meaningful connection while learning content.

New Zealand School
WordSmart for Teachers and Interventions.

Our app is not only for beginner readers. It is also an intervention tool for children with learning challenges such as Dyslexia. Our structured literacy programme is used successfully in schools worldwide, including to teach English as a second language.


Big Vision & Impact

Wordsmart is more than just a literacy app – it’s a movement that empowers students worldwide to become confident and fluent readers while pursuing their passions to create a positive impact on our world.

With the support of the Nurturing Young Minds Foundation in New Zealand, our aim is to ensure that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic conditions, have access to essential literacy development through our Buy One, Give One Program. 

Internationally, we are proud members of the World Literacy Foundation Taskforce, working toward the ambitious goal of eradicating illiteracy worldwide by 2040.

“This is simple and powerful and needs to be shared to the greatest number of children who simply require a little bit more. I can only imagine its power if it is also given to those who struggle in challenged families and schools”.

Alana Kline (Parent)
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Fiji Sun WordSmart
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Our Partners & FRIENDS

Dyslexia Foundation
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